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The power of perspective – 3 super powers to boost your inclusion skills

“You feel it,” she says. “Step, step, knee, up… slide, left, right, turn left…”

The instructions fly by and… so do I… I feel like a klutz because I keep turning the wrong way or with the wrong leg. “Can you show me again, please?”.

I am right-handed but left-footed and I am doing everything wrong. “You just have to feel which side to turn,” the right-footed teacher tells me. She teaches step aerobics. I wanted to try something new to keep my mind healthy in a healthy body. Well, I don’t feel it. Or maybe I do, but what I feel is all wrong… This lady is just not taking me into account. I feel excluded.

Feelings of exclusion can take many forms.

“I don’t understand how my colleague gets away with it every time,” says a sales manager. “Nobody is happy with him and yet he keeps his job. Who is protecting him? It is very demotivating”.

Feeling unfair can take many forms.

Nobody wants to feel left out. No one wants to be treated unfairly. People may put up with it for a moment, but it always has an effect. People become grumpy or cynical. People become demotivated or deflated.

Do you recognise this?

It can be different.

A sense of belonging is the glue that keeps people happy. Wellbeing as well as inclusion start with a sense of belonging.

We often think we are being considerate and clear, but we are often wrong… Like me in that step aerobics class. I was given instructions for right-footed people. I felt excluded and am not motivated to go to that class again.

The same applies when you talk to your stakeholders. Give clear information that is relevant to the person you are talking to.

When we see ourselves as the norm, we believe that everything we say and do is normal and the only way to look at the world.

However, everyone is different, brings a different perspective and has different needs and wants.

Being aware of this is the beginning of any meaningful conversation that can create an inclusive dialogue, workplace, mindset and consciousness.

How can you become more aware of different perspectives?

The power of perspectives:

  • Be curious: getting to know different perspectives is a good start, talk to people who are very different from you. Be open, ask questions, be curious about all the stakeholders you interact with and beyond.
  • Educate yourself: knowing more about the context (history, culture, background, etc.) will give you a better understanding of certain sensitivities, customs, mindsets, traditions, etc.
  • Open the conversation: meaningful conversations with the stakeholders you often interact with can give you a better view of the different perspectives that may exist without you being aware of them. Create a psychologically safe zone where there is trust and people are willing to talk when you open the conversation. You could ask the sales manager in my previous example why he feels this way. His perspective might bring a different perspective from yours. Why does he feel that way? Based on what did he come to that conclusion? Where does his interpretation come from?

Train your super powers by being curious, educating yourself and opening the conversation.

I wrote this blog to inspire you, decision maker, to create an inclusive and sustainable work environment that is welcoming to all and conscious of its impact on the world we live in. I am always happy to discuss your challenges and approaches.

Have you ever felt excluded? Have you done anything to ensure that others do not feel excluded? If so, can you share it with us?

Thank you for reading to the end and I look forward to reading your reactions in the comments section below🙏.

Sharing is caring, so if you think this blog might be useful to others in your network, please feel free to share it with them . I appreciate it🙏.

I look forward to hearing from you soon, and please get in touch if you want to build an inclusive culture. You are more than welcome to book a free intake meeting with me so that we can discuss your challenges and what you would like to achieve.

Cheers to your super powers, cheers to you,


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